The Numbers Don't Lie

Letter to the The Monterey County Herald,
December 10, 2013

Ron Weitzman's Dec. 9 commentary provides some facts that should resonate with every ratepayer on the Monterey Peninsula.

He points out that the best-case cost scenario, which involves public ownership, saves $995 million over the worst-case private-ownership cost scenario, using California American Water's own data, and $570 million over the project the mayors are pursuing.

In these staggering numbers, there are simple truths that cannot be avoided. Cal Am never has considered and never will seriously consider the interests of its ratepayers. It is not a business model that most for-profit companies adhere to and the mayors still don't get it.

Yes, the mayors can claim their efforts, which require state legislation, may reduce the overall costs of the Cal Am project, but why are they spending all of this time and taxpayers' money supporting a still-questionable solution that has been troubled by delay after delay but also still would cost significantly more than public ownership?

It hasn't added up in the past and it doesn't add up now.

Don't be fooled by political hype and self-congratulatory comments. Look at the numbers. They represent very real future costs to each and every ratepayer.

Bill Hood

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